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HDC orders removal of vessels in Hulhumalé Phase 3 lagoon for a second time

HDC has ordered the removal of vessels anchored or harboured in the Hulhumalé lagoon before this coming Sunday.

Ameera Osmanagic
19 June 2024, MVT 18:26
[File] Land reclamation in Hulhumale' Phase 3.-- Photo: Fayaz Moosa / Mihaaru
Ameera Osmanagic
19 June 2024, MVT 18:26

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has issued another notice requesting the removal of all vessels harboured in the Hulhumalé Phase 3 lagoon as the company prepares to resume reclamation of the remaining portion of the island.

HDC issued its first notice on 23 May, 2024, which was followed by the second notice yesterday, requesting to remove the vessels. It detailed that the vessels are hindering reclamation efforts and urged owners to move their vessels to also prevent any potential damage to the vessels once the process beings.

HDC especially highlighted the need to remove all vessels parked north of the red silt screen prior Sunday, 23, June, 2024.

"It is prohibited to have any vessels in the area beyond this time period," the announcement read.

HDC suspended its reclamation efforts in compliance with an order by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The order called for the temporary halt of all reclamation and dredging in light of excessive coral bleaching in Maldivian waters.

Currently only 15 hectares of the total 63 hectares planned to be reclaimed for Hulhumalé Phase 3 has been completed. The first 10 hectares were completed last October.

The Maldives government awarded the project to Sri Lanka's Capital Marine and Civil Construction Company Pvt. Ltd. (CMCC), which is also working on the Rasmalé project.

The project is valued at MVR 259.2 million (USD 16.81 million).

HDC says that the payment of this project will be cleared by selling 10 hectares of land from Hulhumalé and 9.8 hectares from Thilafushi. Apart from reclamation, the company is also assigned to install revetments, road development in three areas of Hulhumalé, as well as construction of a jetty on the island.

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