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Work begins on 'Roboman: The Movie', a family-oriented local production

A movie based on the local entertainer, Roboman, named 'Roboman the Movie' is currently under production. Produced and directed by renowned figures, this movie is child oriented and suitable for crowds.

Aishath Shuba Solih
13 May 2024, MVT 13:19
Mohamed Ikram from Medianet and Mohamed Munthasir (Munko) from ORKEYZ inc exchanging agreements after singing. -- Photo: ORKEYZ inc
Aishath Shuba Solih
13 May 2024, MVT 13:19

Production for a movie based on the locally famous entertainment character, Roboman has begun.

This film was announced on occasion of Children's day and will be named 'Roboman: the Movie'.

This film is being produced within the collaboration of notable figures in film and video production, ORKEYZ Inc and Medianet Video Club.

The director of this film is the Director of Baiskoafu (A local media streaming app), Mohamed Munthasir (Munko), known for his sitcom 'Karuhakuru' as well as the notable Director and former Actor, Ibrahim Wisaam (Kandi). The screenplay of the movie was drafted by Mahudhee Ahmed.

Roboman is a character who began appearing in children's ceremonies and recreational events over eight years ago. The true identity of Roboman, who covers his face with a distinct gray mask remains unknown til present.

Roboman was conferred the President’s Award for Special Achievement last year in recognition of creations made by skillful and innovative youth towards the development of the country as well.

Speaking about the feature film, Munthasir stated that this movie is made for child audiences and will be a family oriented story, suitable for crowds.

"Such a film which everyone can gather together and watch is rare these days, so this film is being made with this thinking."

Munthasir assured that the casting call for this movie will be announced shortly to hire children and other actors for some roles in the film.

He added that although a release date remains undetermined so far, the production will proceed according to the current schedule and revealed that they aim to release the movie at the end of the year.