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Tedry's 'Lasviyas' movie' has premiered in theatres

'Lasviyas' movie directed by Tedry has premiered at the Olympus theatre last night. The movie stars Washiya Mohamed, Mohamed Ahmed Easa and Zoya Hassan Ibrahim in lead roles and will be shown in theatres until the end of June.

Aishath Shuba Solih
13 April 2024, MVT 16:40
A poster of the movie 'Lasviyas' which translates to 'Even if late".
Aishath Shuba Solih
13 April 2024, MVT 16:40

The second feature film directed by Mohamed Niyaz (Tedry), a prominent figure in the Maldivian film industry has premiered at the Olympus Cinema last night.

In addition to the cast and crew of the movie, many figures of the country's film industry had attended the red-carpet event held at Olympus to premier the film last night.

The female lead of the film was acted by former film star Niuma Mohamed's daughter, Zoya Hassan Ibrahim. Washiya Mohamed and Mohamed Ahmed Easa had also starred lead roles in the film, with many actors and actresses additionally representing supporting roles in the movie as well.

The story of 'Lasviyas', released 34 years after Tedry's film 'Dheriyaa' is based on one of the most pressing issues in Maldives; divorce. While the film showcases the sorrow and torment endured by children and families as a result of divorce, Zoya was cast as a stage four cancer patient in the movie.

The shows of this film that also stars former movie star, the late Fauziyya Hassan, as well as former star Moosa Manik (Reeko Moosa), in special appearances is set to be shown in the Olympus theatre until the end of June.

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