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Picnic island to be developed in Laamu Atoll

Minister for Tourism, Ibrahim Faisal, said that a picnic island will be established in Laamu atoll for both the local public and tourists.

Uzma Naseem
12 April 2024, MVT 18:11
Tourism Minister, Ibrahim Faisal, announced that the government will develop a picnic island in Laamu atoll. -- Photo: Mihaaru
Uzma Naseem
12 April 2024, MVT 18:11

The Minister for Tourism, Ibrahim Faisal, announced today that a picnic island will be developed in Laamu atoll for both the local public and tourists.

During President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu’s visit to Laamu atoll, Minister Faisal reiterated the government’s commitment to developing the atoll at a meeting in Laamu Fonadhoo today. He said that despite numerous promises made by previous administrations, there is no development to be seen so far in the atoll. He assured that the current government will turn these promises into reality with development projects.

Minister Ibrahim Faisal, who was born in Laamu Fonadhoo, announced that the heritage project approved by the Visitor Economy Council will also be implemented in the atoll. With several historical sites in Laamu atoll, he believes that expanding local tourism in the atoll will be easier under the heritage project.

Minister Faisal also noted that the 700-bed coastal tourism project promised by the President during the election is also currently underway in Laamu Gan.

He mentioned the interest from investors who are keen to invest in Laamu atoll’s tourism sector. The government is currently engaged in discussions with them. The government also plans to develop at least four resorts of the ‘one island concept’ within the atoll by the end of the current five-year term.

“…We will also develop a picnic island in Laamu atoll. The island will be accessible to both locals and guesthouse operators in the atoll”.

Minister Faisal said a major obstacle for expanding tourism in Laamu atoll is the issue of flight connectivity and high airfare costs. During today’s meeting with the council in Laamu Fonadhoo, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu assured that he will hold discussions with Island Aviation to address and resolve the concern.

The Ministry of Tourism plans to initiate tourism-related projects in areas that currently lack it. Following the parliamentary elections scheduled for April 21st, amendments to the tourism law will be proposed to lower the prices of uninhabited islands such as the islands in Laamu atoll. The initiative will aim to attract more investors and increase investor interest in these islands.