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No better opportunity to develop Laamu, missing it will cause regrets: Minister Faisal

Hanaan Hussain
12 April 2024, MVT 15:23
Tourism Minister Faisal
Hanaan Hussain
12 April 2024, MVT 15:23

Minister of Tourism Ibrahim Faisal has said there is no better opportunity to bring development to Laamu atoll than the upcoming parliamentary elections, and that people will regret it if they let it slip away.

Minister Faisal made the remarks while speaking at an event held in Laamu atoll Isdhoo on Thursday as part of President Dr Mohamed Muizzu's visit to the region. Faisal said that in order to bring development to Laamu atoll, citizens had to give all four parliamentary seats from the atoll to the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) / People's National Congress (PNC) coalition in the fast-approaching Majlis Elections.

Faisal added that there would be no bigger opportunity to bring development to Laamu atoll than this one.

"I want to repeat that we cannot achieve a more favorable opportunity to develop Laamu atoll. If we do not take this opportunity now, we will regret it later," said Minster Faisal, who is native to Laamu atoll.

Minister Faisal stated that the desired development can only be brought about if citizens vote for government-backed candidates in the parliamentary elections. He noted that President Dr Muizzu himself had been highlighting the importance of the elections at various events and podiums, and that the seats would need to be won in order to pass more than 200 laws that would help facilitate the government's development vision and other plans for the coming years.

"I urge all of you and the youth of this constituency to participate in this effort, and help the government achieve this," said Minister Faisal. He added that the President had given special priority to the development of Laamu atoll, and that there were plans to expand the tourism sector within the atoll.

Tourism Minister Faisal went on to detail that between 5,000 and 6,000 tourism beds would be introduced in the region under the tourism development plans. He added that the government is also working on developing the Kahdhoo Airport to international standards, and that preparations were underway to introduce bunkering services at Gaadhoo in Laamu Atoll soon.

Minister Faisal remarked that this was the first time ever that Laamu Atoll had become a development-focus in this way.

"Today, the government has been in office for only 5 months. Today, the President sits among you. This shows that Laamu Atoll is special to the President. This is clear proof that he will prioritize the development of this constituency," said Faisal.

In his speech, Tourism Minister Faisal repeated the importance of cooperating with the government's efforts, asking that voters give all four parliamentary seats in the region to government-backed candidates in the Majlis elections.