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Difficult to introduce new services due to unsettled bills: Treetop Hospital

Mariyath Mohamed
01 December 2023, MVT 14:17
Treetop Hospital CEO Adil.-- Photo: Fayaz Moosa / Mihaaru
Mariyath Mohamed
01 December 2023, MVT 14:17

Chief Executive Officer of Treetop Hospital Adhil Moosa has stated that the delays and failure of insurance companies to settle bills after treatments have been provided is a major challenge faced in efforts to introduce new services at the hospital.

tIn a press conference held on Thursday, Adhil explained that private hospitals are run on public and private insurance. He stated that despite this, it is often the case that payments are delayed for prolonged periods after the course of treatment is completed.

"This has caused it to be a major challenge to introduce new services at the speed that we actually aspire to do it in. This is one of the challenges we face. Our plan is to introduce new services to the Maldives as much as possible, in consideration of available cashflow," he said.

Medical Director at Treetop Hospital, Dr Mladen Knotek, stated that the hospital wished to introduce services to the Maldives that are currently unavailable in country, including gastroenterological interventions and endoscopic procedures.

He further highlighted that general surgery can be offered in a broader manner than at present. He said that even though there may not be a necessity, many locals opt to travel to India for such procedures.

Treetop's plans include the introduction of doing kidney and liver transplants. However, this service cannot be commenced yet as the country lacks a law or regulation on organ transplantation.

The doctor also expressed a wish to broaden the field of neurosurgery, stating this could be achieved through some assistance of the government.

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