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People who cannot be held accountable will not occupy government posts: Dr. Muizzu

28 September 2023, MVT 19:26
Dr. Muizzu speaking at a campaign event
28 September 2023, MVT 19:26

The opposition candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has said his government will not appoint people who cannot be held accountable to any government post.

He made this statement while speaking at a campaign event held in Galolhu ward on Sunday. Dr. Muizzu said that the democratic system in the Maldives can be improved through sincere leaders. He said that getting things done with honesty and sincerity would therefore be among the top priorities of his government.

Dr. Muizzu said that his government would be one that adopts a policy of transparency. He said that no barriers would be placed to obstruct access to information, and he pledged that details about government projects would be fully disclosed without hesitation.

"No one will have difficulties in obtaining information" said Dr. Muizzu.

"There would be transparency, and accountability. People who cannot be held accountable will not be occupying government posts."

Dr. Muizzu with former vice president and Advisor to JP leader, Jihad and others who signed to join PPM -- Photo: Nishan Ali

Recruitment of members to independent institutions will be free from influence

Dr. Muizzu said members recruited for independent state institutions will be qualified and competent in his government, and that he will not influence the parliament in the selection of such members.

Dr. Muizzu said he would ensure that independent institutions are truly independent instead of being so in name only. He said that the names sent to the parliament for appointment to independent institutions would not be based only on political ideology. He said that he will ensure that qualified and competent people are nominated into such posts.

"The matter would be debated in the parliament, and I will not exert my influence in the process. I want to make sure these members are selected fairly based on their merit."

The opposition has repeatedly accused that the current government exerts a lot of influence over independent institutions.

In a campaign rally held in Haa Dhaalu Kulhudhuffushi last Friday, Dr. Muizzu said that his cabinet would be comprised of capable ministers who will be a source of pride for all Maldivians.