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Ameenee Magu construction delayed again

Malika Shahid
09 February 2023, MVT 15:32
Ameenee Magu construction work: The project will not be completed by the scheduled date
Malika Shahid
09 February 2023, MVT 15:32

The Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure has given a new date for the completion of Ameenee Magu as the road development project will not be completed as previously scheduled.

The work is now expected to be completed on September 27, Minister Mohamed Aslam said during the Parliament sitting on Wednesday.

The housing ministry awarded the contract to Road Development Corporation Limited (RDC) on July 3, 2022. It was agreed that the project would be finished in 10 months (210 days). The deadline expires in May, 2023.

When asked about the completion date of the project, Minister Aslam said the work was being delayed due to various difficulties. The biggest challenge was the delay in supplying the pipes to Malé Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC), he said.

"Considering the difficulties, we will now have a revised completion date. That is September 27," he said.

The government has faced criticism for the delay in the construction of Ameenee Magu. Residents have also complained that they face difficulties due to the asphalt not being laid in the area where paving work has been completed.

RDC said last month that the equipment needed to pave Ameenee Magu has been brought to Malé and that work is ready to begin in March.

The MVR 84 million state-funded project includes the installation of a water drainage network as well as the laying of asphalt across 1.7 kilometres of road.