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Another lost turtle found at Maafaru Airport

Mariyam Malsa
31 December 2019, MVT 09:00
Screen grab of employees releasing the green turtle found at Maafaru International Airport. PHOTO: SOCIAL MEDIA
Mariyam Malsa
31 December 2019, MVT 09:00

A Green Turtle was found on the premises of Maafaru International Airport in Noonu Atoll on Sunday, and subsequently released into the sea.

A video circulating on social media depicts employees of the airport bidding farewell to the turtle which most likely wandered to the airport in search of a suitable nesting spot.

Maafaru has a long history of being a popular nesting site for hundreds of turtles.

In April this year, many spoke out against the effects of major development projects on the ecosystem, following a picture of a turtle that crawled onto a runway at Maafaru Airport looking for a nesting spot and laid eggs on the tarmac.

The turtle was later confirmed to be dead, an incident highlighting the devastating reality of how habitat loss affects mega-fauna.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) categorizes green sea turtles under its red list of endangered species. All species of turtles have been protected by law in Maldives since 1994.

Several conservationists and activists continue to raise concerns on preserving the natural features of islands and atolls, with many experts leaning towards sustainable development models.