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Training of coaches ongoing in Faafu atoll with Inter Milan's assistance

Sports Minister Rafiu has declared that a program to train coaches with the assistance of Inter Milan is underway in Faafu Atoll. Moreover, a program to train 200 children is also ongoing right now in order to offer sports training as well as other education.

Aishath Shuba Solih
15 May 2024, MVT 14:27
Minister of Sports, Fitness and Recreation, Abdulla Rafiu speaking at the press conference held by the Ministry on Tuesday. -- Photo: Sports Ministry
Aishath Shuba Solih
15 May 2024, MVT 14:27

Minister of Sports, Fitness and Recreation, Abdulla Rafiu has declared that arrangement have been made to train coaches in Faafu atoll islands located 122 kilometers away from the capital city of Male' together with the assistance offered by Italy's champion football club, Inter Milan.

The first week of this joint program proceeded together with the Ministry of Sports, Fitness and Recreation, the Italy Consulate to Maldives, the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Foundation and Inter Milan in Faafu atoll under the name 'Playing with Corals' was concluded this week.

Speaking at a press conference held by the Ministry on Tuesday, Minister Rafiu revealed that this program exclusive to Faafu atoll is set to proceed for a duration of two years. He disclosed that the Ministry had requested training for two coaches selected from each inhabited island in the atoll with the help of Inter Milan.

"We proposed to train two coaches from each island; that is five islands in the atolls. However, as [the program] was met with much success and because there is wide support [for the program] as well, now it is arranged to train four coaches from each island," explained the Minister.

He said that the coaches are set to be trained through Inter Milan's Corporate Social Responsibility program, Inter Campus.

In addition to coaches, the training of 200 children is also presently ongoing at the atoll according to the Minister. This program is dedicated for children aged ten to fourteen years.

The most significant purpose of this program is to coach the children on sports talents and techniques as well as educate them on the knowledge of other fields.

University of Milano-Bicocca in Italy has instilled these 200 children with knowledge about the reefs and life within the reefs under this program.

Rafiu emphasized that 8000 corals will be planted in the sea bed by the end of this program with a reef of 2,500 square meters formed in that time.