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Eid Baibalaa Challenge: Champion Club Teenage begins with an easy win

Eid Baibalaa Challenge 1443 has begun in Hulhumale with Teenage, TC SC, East Coast, JK SC, Buru SC and TC SC triumphing the first round of the matches held Thursday night.

Aishath Shuba Solih
13 April 2024, MVT 13:00
During the games of the Eid Baibalaa Challenge 1445 held Thursday night.
Aishath Shuba Solih
13 April 2024, MVT 13:00

The former cup-holder of the previous tournament, Club Teenage has effortlessly dominated the first match of this year’s MTCC Eid Baibalaa Challenge 1445 held Thursday night at the Baibalaa Ground.

Baibalaa is a traditional outdoor Eid sport that pairs two teams to battle each other, much like the Indian sport 'Kabaddi'. One team is placed inside the circular court while the other battles outside. The team set outside the ring tags a player from the opposing team playing inside the court and escapes without being tagged in return. This game disqualifies any players who were tagged from that current game of the match and heavily tests the speed and agility of players.

Similar to last year, the competition took place in Hulhumale' City this year as well. While the incumbent Vice President of the Republic, Hussain Mohamed Latheef had inaugurated the initiation ceremony of the tournament, Teenage was set up against Club Zefrol in the first match.

Teenage had triumphed this match after simply just two games and the best player of the match was awarded to Club Teenage’s Ali Vidadh.

During the match held between Club Teenage and Club Zefrol on Thursday night.

TC Sports Club had also defeated Little Town after two games during the team’s first match of the competition as well. The title of best player was bestowed to the capable young player who first appeared on the Baibalaa floor last year, Saafar Hassan Mahir (Hantey).

While the third match paired United East Coast and EC X Eagles against each other, East Coast had also secured their first win of the tournament with just two games. However, a competitive struggle was observed during the match that paired VK Sports Club and JK Sports Club against each other.

The first round was succeeded by JK while playing outside the circle. However, they lost the game they had played on the inside to VK. Following this competitive game wherein both won teams won, the succeeding match had also played out similar to this with both teams triumphing one round. Former 'Mister Baibalaa' and experienced football player, Hussain Shimaz (Kokky) had, however, secured the win for JK in the final game of the match.

While Buru Sports Club had triumphed over VK Wakanda with only two games, the last match of the night was secured by TC Sports Club who had won against Club 010, the Champions of the 1443 Baibalaa Challenge, also with just two games.

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