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All expenses at former home, Dhimyaath, were covered personally: President

President has stated that all expenses of Dhimyaath during his stay there amidst the renovation of Muliaage was borne by him and denounced the speculations of the state bearing hefty expenses of his stay.

Aishath Shuba Solih
29 February 2024, MVT 12:26
President Dr Mohamed Muizzu
Aishath Shuba Solih
29 February 2024, MVT 12:26

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has stated the all expenses of his personal house, Dhimyaath, was borne by him during his stay there after assumption of office, leading up to the renovation of the President’s house, Muliyaage and asserted that not a single penny from the state budget was utilized to cover the costs.

An unregistered website had written that President Muizzu had expended MVR 25 million during his stay at Dhimyaath after he had been sworn into office and MVR 30 million was spent on the President and the First Lady’s meals alone, circulating this news across social media platforms.

During the program series, “President’s Answer” forum, Aminath Najma of Shaviyani Fonadhoo, Neelvilla had requested the President to elaborate on this speculation.

In response to her inquiry, President Muizzu had stated that many unverified news with no truth to them have been circulating recently. He further denounced the allegations that the state had covered a hefty sum of Dhimyaath’s expenses.

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu and First Lady Saajida Mohamed

“My stay at my house was under my own expense. No expenses from the state fund, not even a penny was utilized. No expenses were mandated to be borne by the state. There is security posted at the house as well. Everyone was kept on the house’s funds,” the President said.

The president said that the rumors stating MVR 30 million was expended on the first couple’s meals within the span of 100 days is incredulous, further stating that meals in Muliaage also determines a budget of MVR 700,000 annually.

“The arrangement is that the state will bear the costs. I strongly wanted to refrain from spending unless it was from my own pocket. This is because I never want to give anyone the chance to say something like that about me,” the President said.

He stated that the administration will conduct themselves with transparency and openness, alleging that the spread of rumors twisting the truth is the doing of opposition members with nothing of value to say.

The President alleged that state opposed parties are presently embracing the strategy to spread lies.

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