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BCC launches logo for home-based food products

19 February 2024, MVT 17:42
Logo for Home based food producer
19 February 2024, MVT 17:42

People engaged in home-based food production and sales now have the opportunity to use a specially designed logo created by the Business Centre Corporation (BCC).

The opening ceremony, held at the Islamic Centre, displayed items sealed within a 24-hour expiration time, with the logo featured on the packaging. The First Lady, Sajida Mohamed, who holds a degree in food security, launched the logo during the event.

Speaking on the occasion, she said that giving a logo to those who adhere to the MFDA norms to ensure food security will increase public confidence in their safety.

She expressed the belief that this initiative would enable individuals, particularly women, operating from home to expand their businesses.

Sajida urged the swift enactment and implementation of the Food Security Bill, 2021, currently introduced in Parliament, as it would contribute to the overall well-being of the people and the nation.

To obtain the special logo for home-produced and packaged food, individuals need to apply through the MFDA's Live portal.

Sellers must register on the portal designated by the BCC and provide a written undertaking from the Centre.

An official from the BCC, operating under the Economic Ministry, explained that the logo would be used for long-standing items such as thelli fairy, rihaakuru, and masmirus.

The MFDA will not review the site of operations before granting the logo, but will address any issues if they arise.

While the use of the logo is currently optional, the BCC emphasized that its use would assure buyers of the product's safety.

The use of this logo is a matter of personal choice at the moment. The BCC, however, noted that its use would ensure the buyer of the product's safety.

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