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Government Launches 'Magey Solar' Project for Rooftop Panels

Rabeeha Amir
29 November 2023, MVT 13:35
Minister Thoriq inaugurating the "Magey Solar" project.-- Photo: Fayaz Moosa / Mihaaru
Rabeeha Amir
29 November 2023, MVT 13:35

On Monday, the government introduced the 'Magey Solar' initiative, aiming to harness power through the installation of solar panels on private house rooftops.

The project's inauguration took place at the PSM Radio building, with Thorig Ibrahim, the newly appointed Minister of Environment, leading the event alongside other government ministers and utility service providers.

Ministers Adam Naseer (R) and Mohamed Shafeeq (L) attending the 'Magey Solar' inauguration with Minister Thoriq Ibrahim (C).-- Photo: Fayaz Moosa / Mihaaru

The Environment Ministry highlighted that the 'Magey Solar' program, a collaborative effort between the government, utility companies, and foreign donors, seeks to decrease electricity expenses and curb reliance on oil-based energy.

The first phase, launched recently, focuses on providing 3 MW solar PV power exclusively to households. The government has today initiated public auctions to secure a supplier for this phase.

Minister Thorig explained that in this initial stage, those interested in installing solar PV systems can purchase them through utility companies on an installment basis. These systems operate based on net metering and will be installed on house rooftops.

Thorig emphasized the significant national spending on power generation, citing an annual expenditure of $800 million for fuel imports and an additional annual release of MVR 2.3 billion as fuel subsidies to companies.

"As our country grows, it's important for all of us to cut down on spending on energy. That's because if the money used for energy can be used for any other development purpose, it can be used better," Thorig stated.

Reducing household electricity costs, diminishing reliance on oil-based energy, and streamlining solar panel installations align with the goals of the new government's 'Haftha 14' program for its first 100 days in administration.

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