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Public outcry over Gedhoruveriya recipient scores results in opening of complaint window

Mohamed Rehan
06 November 2023, MVT 09:29
Public gathered at the Housing Ministry to protest against the method of scoring in the Gedhoruveriya housing list.-- Photo: Nishan Ali / Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
06 November 2023, MVT 09:29

Several members of the public gathered at the premises of Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (MNPHI) to voice their displeasure towards the final recipients' list of the Gedhoruveriya scheme's first round.

The permanent list of recipients eligible to receive 4,000 social housing units developed by Fahi Dhiriulhun Corporation (FDC) was publicized officially on Saturday, November 4.

The highest scoring recipients out of the 13,000 eligible applicants were awarded the 4,000 units developed by FDC.

After the list was publicized, several members of the public gathered to the ministry of Sunday, November 5, to lodge complaints about the recipients' list.

The most prevalent concern was regarding how applicants were weighed for the scores they were awarded. Majority of the people gathered at the ministry demanded to know how MNPHI weighed and awarded them.

The ministry's Permanent Secretary Zeeniya Ahmed attempted to quell the commotion, and said the applicants were awarded based on the submitted documents.

While the ministry's staff requested to lodge official complaints via the Gedhoruveriya portal, the complainants refused this and demanded a direct meeting with either the Minister Mohamed Aslam or State Minister Akram Kamaluddin.

More than 20,000 applicants submitted forms for the social housing scheme out of which 13,000 were held eligible. The current government later confirmed it will award flats to all eligible applicants, with priority in issuing registry given to the applicants eligible for the 4,000 housing units.

Applicants scoring 76 and above were eligible for three-bedroom apartments while applicants scoring 73 and above were eligible for two-bedroom units.

Due to the significance of public complaints, the ministry has since announced that an official complaint window for the permanent list is now opened.

While the temporary list did not bear points reflected beside the applicant, the public outcry over this resulted in MNPHI noting the points in the permanent list.

State Minister of MNPHI Akram Kamaluddin said the ministry was receiving multiple complaints regarding the recently publicized list.

"Due to the significant complaints from the public, we have decided to open a complaint window," he said.

The official complaint window is opened effective November 5 until 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 9. The complaints should be lodged through Gedhoruveriya portal.