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Watermelon harvest in AA. Thoddoo to reach over 200 tons this Ramadan!

13 March 2023, MVT 11:16
Thoddu dhanduverin
13 March 2023, MVT 11:16

This Ramadan, the farms in Alifu Alifu atoll Thoddoo will produce over 200 tons of watermelons, the island's council has said.

Thoddoo has always been famous for its watermelons. The island council president, Ahmed Karam, said that there are 112 farms on the island growing a variety of produce. He said the majority of them are growing watermelons.

The watermelon fields are expected to produce 5,000 to 8,000 kilograms of melons a day, he said.

"About 2 million square feet are being utilized to grow watermelons. We'll be making MVR 9 to 10 million, depending on the quantity we sell."

Watermelon / Roadha Photo

Karam said that the island's farmers had begun preparations for Ramadan early this year. They are also focused on growing other vegetables for the holy month.

He said about 13,000 kilograms of papaya, 10,000 kilograms of cucumbers, and 2,000 kilograms of scotch bonnet chilis would be produced for Ramadan.

The price of watermelons in the local markets currently ranges from MVR 10 to 15 per kilo. However, the prices usually go up during Ramadan.

He said the availability of watermelons in the first week of Ramadan might be less than last year. Due to a pest that appeared on the plots soon after the council leased them, Karam said that the farmers could not begin their work right away.

The Thoddu farmers cultivate the fields every day in a timely manner to ensure that watermelons are available every day throughout the month of Ramadan.

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