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American Center of Male hosts 'Ramazan Talk'

Mariyam Malsa
21 May 2019, MVT 11:56
Aisha Hussain Rasheed speaking at the American Center of Maldives (ACM). PHOTO: ABDULLA RAYYAN
Mariyam Malsa
21 May 2019, MVT 11:56

American Centre of Male' (ACM), on Saturday, hosted a Ramazan talk with Aisha Hussain Rasheed, an alumna of the International Islamic University Malaysia.

The discussion was intended to teach participants ways to utilize the month of Ramadan to its full potential.

Aisha, who holds a Bachelor of Islamic Revealed Knowledge, spoke regarding the importance of increasing the accessibility of mosques for women, children and individuals with disabilities, asserting that such individuals had an equal right to access places of worship.

Additionally, Aisha also stressed the importance of spiritual activism and encouraged participants to link their involvement in social causes to their faith.

She also noted that some individuals might feel frustrated due to the way other people in the community practise religion.

“To avoid this, people should link spirituality to God instead of to people”, stated Aisha.