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Edition Picks: 8 places to Iftar this Ramadan

Bringing you a selection of fabulous food, in equally impressive settings, here’s our breakdown of the top restaurants and cafes to enjoy your iftar with loved ones this Ramadan.

Nafaahath Ibrahim
14 May 2019, MVT 10:16
A selection of dessert options from Charcoal Cafe'. PHOTO: CHARCOAL CAFE'
Nafaahath Ibrahim
14 May 2019, MVT 10:16

Along with all the beautiful blessings and spiritual fulfilment, the holy month of Ramadan becomes a time in our life that really brings out the love for food.

The preparation of food and planning of Iftar outings certainly brings families, friends and even coworkers closer, deepening the bonds of love and camaraderie before we head off for prayers and supplications.

Sitting at a table surrounded by the people you love and a delicious cuisine during Ramadan is certainly a special feeling. Undoubtedly, this has become a significant part of our culture, every year at this time.

In the wake of last year's footsteps, we bring you eight picks of some of the best Iftar options across the Greater Male’ region, including well-loved ones and newer names on the scene.

Brine Cafe’ & Restaurant

Inside Brine Cafe' & Restaurant. PHOTO: BRINE CAFE' & RESTAURANT

Iftar Buffet rate per person: MVR 199 - MVR 249 (exclusive of Service Charge + GST)

Featuring the most popular dishes of this restaurant, there is a different menu for every day of the week.

While there is a ‘special menu’ for Thursday, Friday and Saturday for MVR 249, Brine also offers a special menu for kids at MVR 90.

Apart from the spectacular views of the Raalhugandu area and Sinamale’ Bridge, customers can also watch the Chef’s creations at the live station.

Kings Corner

A selection of food from Kings Corner. PHOTO: KINGS CORNER

Iftar Buffet rate per person: MVR 199 (all inclusive)

Maldivians have a profound love for Indian food, and Kings Corner is a long-beloved establishment.

The restaurant offers one free Iftar for every group of 10 people.

While the menu differs throughout the week, the price remains the same.

Goatfish Cafe’ & Bistro

Display of food from Goatfish Cafe’ & Bistro. PHOTO: GOATFISH CAFE' & BISTRO

Iftar Buffet rate per person: MVR 244 to MVR 259 (all inclusive)

The rustic-vintage themed cafe’ and bistro is highly popular, especially among the youth of Male’.

Both menu and prices vary over the week, with the most diverse and expensive one available on Friday.

For children under 10 years, the bistro offers half price for all menus.

The Charcoal Cafe’

Plate set by The Charcoal Cafe’. PHOTO: THE CHARCOAL CAFE'

Iftar Buffet rate per person: MVR 245 (all inclusive)

Although recently opened, the cafe’ has already become a favourite among many.

The Charcoal Cafe’ has one of the most unique Iftar menu options. Customers have the liberty of choosing from three set menus when making reservations.

For the first week, the cafe’ is doing a special giveaway. Following the required steps, you stand a chance to win a free breakfast for two people. According to the cafe’, the winner will be announced on May 15.

GG’s Kitchen

A group of people enjoying food from GG's Kitchen. PHOTO: GG'S KITCHEN

Iftar Buffet rate per person: MVR 269 - MVR 289 (exclusive of Service Charge + GST)

GG’s Kitchen is a Moroccan restaurant located in Hulhumale’ that serves gastronomic delights created with ‘Bio & Organic’ ingredients.

The prices of the Iftar menus vary for different days of the week.

As an additional bonus, 30 percent is off from Tagine’s for any day of the week when taken as an add-on with Iftar menus.

Maagiri Hotel

A table set at Maagiri with waterfront views. PHOTO: MAAGIRI HOTEL

Iftar Buffet rate per person: MVR 340 - MVR 390 (exclusive of Service Charge + GST)

Maagiri Hotel’s sea-front view is quite the ideal spot to break your fast.

The restaurant has multiple offers exclusive to Ramadan. For the first seven days, customers get a 15 percent discount, and if your group exceeds 10, the 11th receives a free Iftar.

Children under five years eat for free while those between 6-11 years of age receive 50 percent off from all menus.


A dish from Mamak. PHOTO: MAMAK

Iftar Buffet rate per person: MVR 129 (all inclusive)

This comfort-food restaurant based in Hulhumale’ features one of the cheapest Iftar offers in this list. Their “Spend less. Waste less” Iftar menu for only MVR 60 was available for the first few days of Ramadan. From May 10, a new range of menus was introduced for MVR 129, for any day of the week. However, the ‘minimalist’ menu is still available for takeaway.

Moreover, the restaurant has special menus of takeaway options for Ramadan.

Children under three years can eat for free while half price is offered for those under 10 years.

Mamak also has a special offer for groups exceeding 15. The restaurant offers a custom menu if the booking is made one day in advance.

Thai Palace

A plate set by Thai Palace. PHOTO: THAI PALACE

Iftar Buffet rate per person: MVR 199 (exclusive of Service Charge + GST)

Located in Hulhumale', this Thai restaurant’s popularity keeps on growing with time.

For Ramadan, the restaurant has three different menus distributed over the week.

Thai Palace also offers a free Iftar for each group of 10 people.