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Man prosecuted for raping a sleeping woman

Lamya Abdulla
06 July 2021, MVT 11:09
Protest against sexual abuse cases: The case was sent to the Criminal Court because it not possible to pursue it in the Alifushi Magistrate Court -- Photo: Nishan Ali/ Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
06 July 2021, MVT 11:09

Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) is prosecuting a man that raped a sleeping woman in Raa atoll Alifushi.

Public Prosecutor and media official for PGO Ahmad Shafeeu said that Naail Abdulla, also from Alifushi, is being charged for breaking and entering into the woman's house and then raping her while she was asleep.

Even though this case happened in Alifushi, as per the Judicature Act of the Maldives, PGO determined the Magistrate Court of Alifushi will not be able to hold the hearing for this case and submitted it to the Criminal Court.

A person found guilty of rape can be sentenced to 15-20 years in jail under the Sexual Offences Act. If the offence was carried out while using a harmful weapon, the perpetuator can be sentenced to 20-25 years in jail.

Noting the recent case where a man from Fuvahmulah was sentenced to 32 years in jail for abusing his step child, PGO has said they have been having considerable success with sexual offence cases.

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