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Maldives hotels among Instagram’s Most Popular Five Star Tourist Hotels

Lamya Abdulla
14 January 2022, MVT 20:07
(FILE) An aerial photograph of Soneva Jani: Soneva Jani was ranked second most popular five star tourist hotel according to Instagram's userbase -- Photo: Sandro Bruklmeier / Soneva Jani
Lamya Abdulla
14 January 2022, MVT 20:07

Two Maldivian resorts have been ranked among the most popular five-star tourist hotels on Instagram.

Twenty hotels from around the world were selected for this list, according to the highest number of hashtags used per location in 2021.

Soneva Jani was the second most hashtaged five-star tourist facilities in the world, while Niyama Private Island ranked ninth-highest on the list.

Instagram’s statistics show that Burj Al Arab Jumeirah of Dubai was selected as the most popular five star hotel according to its userbase. It had 2.4 million hashtags to its name. Soneva Jani had been used as a hashtag a total of 415,461 times while Niyama Private Island was used 69,595 times.

Soneva Jani is one of the top resorts on Instagram. The resort's follower count on Instagram rose to a million last year. This is the second most followed resort in the Maldives.

Niyama Private Island has 263,000 Instagram followers.

Four Seasons is the most followed resorts in the Maldives, with a total of 1.1 million followers. However, Instagram’s most popular list does not include any four seasons facilities.

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