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Police investigate alleged assault of a woman by an officer in Hulhumale protest

Nafaahath Ibrahim
19 January 2020, MVT 18:40
Protest held in Hulhumale against child abuse. PHOTO: MIHAARU
Nafaahath Ibrahim
19 January 2020, MVT 18:40

Professional Standards Command of Maldives Police launched an investigation into the alleged assault of a woman protester by a police officer during the clash between police and protestors at the Hulhumale protest on Friday.

Outraged citizens gathered and protested outside the flat in reclaimed suburb Hulhumale', where the father of the sexually abused two-year-old child was residing in.

According to local media and witness reports, angry citizens began to gather in the late afternoon, calling for the man to be arrested or handed over to the crowd.

In an ensuing clash between police and protesters, the police used pepper spray to disperse the angry protesters.

A woman shared pictures and videos via Facebook of her mother, with visible injuries, from the hospital.

As per the Facebook post, her mother was not taking part in the protests and was simply a bystander.

"She was just outside her doorstep to see what was going on. A police officer extended his arm and hit her face with the police billy club while yelling 'huriha enmen hama mihaaru geyah vadhey' [translation: everyone go home right now!]. Then they pushed me and pushed her into a pile of bicycles."

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed via Twitter stated that they were aware of an incident involving a woman that was allegedly hit by a police officer at the protest in Hulhumale.

He added that an investigation was launched into the matter.

Police revealed that while 27 people were arrested from the Hulhumale protest, 19 remain in custody.

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