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WAMCO's Managing Director Yoosuf Siraj Suspended

05 May 2023, MVT 20:07
[FILE] WAMCO's MD Yoosuf Siraj: The PCB has decided to suspend him for two weeks until the inquiry is complete
05 May 2023, MVT 20:07

Waste Management Corporation Limited (WAMCO) Managing Director Yoosuf Siraj has been suspended pending an inquiry into allegations that he acted against a board decision while the company's committee investigates a sexual misconduct case involving two employees.

The Privatization and Corporatization Board (PCB) has decided to suspend Siraj for 14 days.

Siraj is facing allegations of exerting influence on an investigation conducted by the Sexual Harassment and Abuse Prevention Committee into a complaint filed by a male employee against a female employee of WAMCO.

During the investigation of the contempt case, Siraj allegedly terminated a member of the committee and replaced them with an employee of his preference. The PCB has further alleged Siraj had his personal interests in the case.

The PCB has accused Siraj of disregarding WAMCO's board decision not to interfere in the sexual misconduct case involving two employees while the committee was investigating it. The committee felt that Siraj's actions constituted "a breach of the board's decision and undermined the board's governance."

According to documents in the case being investigated by the PCB, Siraj's actions are in violation of the Provisions of the Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Abuse Act and the Code of Corporate Governance. The documents indicate that Siraj prioritized his own self-interest over these guidelines.

In a statement issued late last night, the PCB said that Siraj's case is not being investigated because he has been accused of sexual misconduct. The board urged the public to refrain from spreading false information and clarified the matter in response to inaccurate reporting by some media outlets.

"The WAMCO board is investigating a governance-related management issue and has therefore suspended Managing Director Yoosuf Siraj from his duties for a period of two weeks to allow for the investigation to proceed," PCB said in a statement.

Siraj could not be reached for comment.

Siraj was appointed as the Managing Director of WAMCO in September 2022. Prior to that, he was serving as the Deputy Managing Director of the corporation.

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