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33 international airlines currently operating flights to Maldives

23 October 2021, MVT 21:57
Planes parked at Velana International Airport. (Photo /Nishan Ali)
23 October 2021, MVT 21:57

A total of 33 airlines are currently in operating flights to the Maldives as the tourism peak season approaches.

According to statistics released by the Tourism Ministry, Qatar and Emirates operate the highest number of flights to Maldives. More airlines are expected to operate flights to the Maldives from next month onwards during the peak season.

Earlier this year, 28 airlines operated to the Maldives. However, many airlines were halted in May after the outbreak of COVID-19. Airlines have increased their flights since August.

The Maldives has recorded 960,000 tourist arrivals so far this year. The highest number of tourist arrivals are from India.

The government aims to attract 1 million tourists this year. Tourism Ministry has stated that it is confident that the target will be achieved.

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