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Nasheed released from hospital

Lamya Abdulla
21 May 2021, MVT 22:29
Mohamed Nasheed in Germany
Lamya Abdulla
21 May 2021, MVT 22:29

Majilis Speaker and Former President Mohamed Nasheed was released from the hospital, after being admitted to treat injuries sustained on the May 6 terror attack.

Nasheed had to undergo 16 hours of surgery in ADK Hospital in Maldives following the attempted assassination attack. An IED attached on to a motorcycle near his residence had exploded that day, injuring four other people in addition to Nasheed.

He was then taken to Germany via air ambulance on May 13, for recovery and rehabilitation. A week of treating him while he was admitted, they released him on Friday, according to his elder brother Dr. Ibrahim Naashid.

He is still required to see his physicians in the hospital twice a week for a month for check-ups, Naashid had informed Mihaaru.

"He [Nasheed] can now do things well now. However some parts of him still remain swollen," he had said.

Last week, Nasheed's family released several photos to the public showcasing the injuries he had received. The photos depict a long cut stitched from his chest to his abdomen. ADK doctors had said several shrapnel used in the IED had entered his body, leaving to tears in his intestines as well. They had to clean it and stitch that as well.

The healthcare of Nasheed in Germany was being handled by Honorary Consul to Maldives from Germany Christian Freiherr von Stetten. Travel and other expenses were carried out by Foreign Ministry and the Maldivian Embassy in Germany.