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Sixteen students from Male' schools attain first rank in A' Level Top 10s

Last year's A' Level Top 10 results have 16 students from Male' schools achieving first rank. While 6 students placed first from VIHS and CHSE each, Ahmadhiyya School produced 4 first rank achievers.

Aishath Shuba Solih
20 May 2024, MVT 17:49
Students of Villa International High School.
Aishath Shuba Solih
20 May 2024, MVT 17:49

Sixteen students from high schools in Male' City have been placed in the first rank of the top 10 A' Level achievers of last year.

Villa International High School (VIHS) and Center for Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) each produced six students who placed first in the top 10 A level ranking, while four students from Ahmadhiyya International School also secured slots in the first rank.

Students who ranked first place from VIHS last year

1. Theeba Ali Shafeeu

2. Aishath Janan Ahmed

3. Ahmed Zaah Wadeef

4. Rayan Ahmed Ali

5. Aishath Lisa Saeed

6. Maiha Hassan Mohamed

This year, 88 students of VIHS who took the examinations attained top 10 A' Level ranks while 37 of these students acquired the High Achievers award.

Students who ranked first place from CHSE last year

1. Abdulla Zayan Zuhury

2. Ali Saudan Shaheen

3. Hassan Baneen Shurooth

4. Mohamed Abaan

5. Mohamed Looth Ibrahim Ziyaau

6. Mohamed Saamih Shafeeq

From within the students of CHSCE who took the A Level examinations, 120 had secured ranks in the National Top 10. This makes 35 percent of the students who participated in the exams. 92 percent of the students who sat for their A' Level exams passed in over two subjects.

Meanwhile, forty four students from CHSCE obtained A grades in five subjects, securing the High Achievers award. While four students had earned first place world-wide in the subject of Chemistry, one student had also attained global first rank in the subject of History.

Students who ranked first place from Ahmadhiyya International School last year

1. Abdulla Firzan Ahmed

2. Layan Mohamed Rasheed

3. Razaan Ibrahim Rasheed

4. Yumnu Yaman Ali

47 students of Ahmadhiyya International School have been conferred the High Achievers award and 4 students had attained first place in the top 10.

The school had advanced a total of 211 student for the A Level examinations this year and 203 students who wrote the examination had obtained passes in more than two subjects.

A' Level examinations were held in 45 centers nation-wide this year. This consists of 3 centers in Male' City and 42 centers from across the atolls. This article presents results from the 3 centres in Male' City, as results from the examination centres in the atolls have not been sourced yet.

A total of 3,268 students sat for their A' Level examinations last year.

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