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Daughter of non-verbal couple achieves impressive feats in Quran recitations

The daughter of nonverbal parents, Alva Hassan has triumphed the Quran competition ranking first in the Hifz category of Vinavee Quran Competition. The family was visited by the Islamic Minister in felicitation of their daughter's remarkable achievement.

Aishath Shuba Solih
04 March 2024, MVT 09:42
Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed meeting Alva Hussain and her parents, Fahudha Hussain and Hussain Sunil
Aishath Shuba Solih
04 March 2024, MVT 09:42

Fahudha Hussain was forced to forfeit her native island and relocate to Male’ City due to mockery and harassment; hostilities that deterred the educative will of a speech and hearing impaired child. However, the daughter of this brave woman who was isolated from the society and regarded as insignificant focused the attention of the entire country on her mother, Fahudha.

The eleven-year-old Alva Hassan has brought her non verbal mother and father immense gratification and joy. Alva has ranked number 1 in the category of recitation by heart of a Quran Competition; an impressive feat by any standards.

Alva had applied to participate in the reading category of the Vinavee Quran Competition. She was, however, directed with a question in the memorizing category, induced by an administrative error. Alva, who was unprepared for the recitation by heart had brought a proud achievement home to her speech and hearing impaired mother and father.

The daughter of Fahudha and Hussain Sunil had evidently revealed the gentle and caring upbringing and parenting of her mother and father to all.

Alva Hussain with her parents, Fahudha Hussain and Hussain Sunil

“This achievement was the biggest gratification Alva’s mother and father have ever received, they were filled with joy," shared Alva’s grandmother, Sakeena Adam to Mihaaru News.

The fluidity with which Alva had recited by heart despite the incorrect question and the lack of opportunity to have practiced earlier is owed to the education she has been undertaking in memorizing the Quran. Alva, who studies in Arabiyya School, had triumphed third place in the entire Quran competition in addition to ranking first in the memorizing category.

Alva’s Quran education is supervised by Fahudha’s mother, Sakeena. This valiant woman’s departure from her home island, Haa Dhaalu Atoll Vaikaradhoo to the capital city of Male’ with her five children in 1992 was induced by the mockery aimed at the family alongside the failed education attempt after the enrollment of Fahudha to the island school.

Alva Hussain receiving her award for her rank in the Quran competition

Fahudha’s husband, Sunil, who is native to Male’ City had neighbored the family in one of their residences. Following their matrimony, the couple took residence in Sunil’s home where they had conceived their prodigious daughter. Sakeena stated that due to the challenges in educating their daughter, the couple had been commuting their daughter to her residence since an early age. This allowed Alva to grow up surrounded by Quran, as Sakeena’s children are also involved within the field.

Alva was taught Quran verses through recitation due to her inability to read and recite during the time of her education at the Dhondheeni Preschool. This was the point when the family recognized Alva’s talent for memorizing the Quran. Alva has presently memorized the entire ending half of Surah Ya-Sin by heart.

“Their living conditions are very hard. They head to the space Alva’s father received to sleep at night. They frequent this house after morning Quran classes each day. They complete their homework here and their uniforms and other essentials are also kept in this house. They return back here after school and head home after reciting Quran here. When Alva was younger, I would go to prepare her books according to her school timetable,” said Alva’s grandmother.

Sakeena has been educating students in Quran for an extended amount of time. Together with her completed Qari course, she was able to teach her granddaughter the Quran prominently. However, Sakeena officially began educating Alva to memorize the holy book following Alva's achievement in the Vinavee Quran competition.

Sakeena had stated that regardless of the speech and hearing disability of her mother and father, all of Alva’s upbringing was fully overlooked and participated in by her parents. Alva’s commute from Phase 2 to Male’ City every morning to her Quran class and school is maintained by her mother and father.

“She is a very obedient, very hard-working child. She must be facing some difficulties while learning many subjects at school. But she perseveres with determination,” said Sakeena.

After her triumphant win in the Quran competition while amidst challenging living conditions, the Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed had met with the family. The Minister stated on Facebook that he was elated to meet the couple and their daughter, Alva.

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