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Hoodh; youngest athlete to earn black belt

Hoodh Bin Mohamed Quraishy is the youngest athlete in the Maldives to earn a black belt in martial arts taekwondo at the age of nine years, six months and ten days.

Malika Shahid
02 March 2024, MVT 11:19
Hoodh; he is the youngest athlete to earn the black belt in the Maldives.
Malika Shahid
02 March 2024, MVT 11:19

Hoodh Bin Mohamed Quraishy has become the youngest athlete in the Maldives to earn a black belt in martial arts taekwondo.

Hoodh who was awarded his black belt during the Black Belt ceremony held at the National Martial Arts Center last night, is nine years, six months, and ten days old.

A student at Finland International School, Hoodh began competing in Taekwondo in October 2021.

In addition to earning the black belt last night, Hoodh also won the gold medal at the Virtual KTA International Championship. This championship is recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation.

Hoodh (R) and his brother Yoonus (L) who also earned his black belt during last nights ceremony

Hoodh also participated in the Asia International Taekwondo Championship, South Asian Open Taekwondo Championship, and Colombo GCS International Open Taekwondo Championship held in Sri Lanka last December.

Hoodh's older brother, Yoonus Bin Mohamed Quraishy, also earned the black belt at the age of 11 last night.


"I would like to thank my mom and dad, and my brother Yoonus. My brother has been my biggest motivation, supporting me during tournaments. Next, I want to thank Coach Kinaan, Master Ayoob, and Saboom. Coach Kinaan has been very helpful," Hoodh said after receiving his black belt.

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