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Authorities identify suspects behind nude videos leak

Mohamed Rehan
28 June 2022, MVT 15:10
Monday evening's press briefing by Maldives Police Service over the recent yoga protest and nude videos leak-- Photo: Nishan Ali | Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
28 June 2022, MVT 15:10

Maldives Police Service claims identifying the suspects behind the leak of the recent nude videos.

A string of videos with local individuals engaged in same sex activities have been rotating through various social media platforms.

Speaking about the issue, Assistant Commissioner of Police Mr. Mohamed Riyaz during Monday evening's press conference claims identifying some of the suspects behind the nude video leak.

Riyaz further added that the case is currently being investigated for more details.

"We have acquired information of some of the suspects tied to the case, we are currently probing for further information of the suspects," Riyaz commented.

Meanwhile, reports of blackmail against the individuals in the scandalous videos have been filed at the local law enforcement authority.

However, Maldives police claims receiving similar reports as far back as March 2022.

Authorities also claim investigating the individuals appearing in the videos with possible sexual offense charges against them.

The island nation adheres strictly to Islamic principles under which acts of homosexuality are forbidden, which is translated into the local criminal law as well.

Since March, local authorities have been investigating similar cases centered around sexual misconduct and blackmail.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police further attests on following proper procedure in the investigations as well as evidence gathering.

Riyaz had also addressed the concerns raised by local media over constraints on information related to the case, noting that the divulgence of further details will hinder progress of the investigation.

According to the Assistant Commissioner, the local law enforcement authority upholds values of media transparency, but asserted the importance of withholding information from media over ongoing investigations.

However, Riyaz affirmed that the authority will disclose details of cases to media based on relevance, convenience and necessity.

In his briefing, Riyaz further advised from members of local media to refrain from obstructing with ongoing investigations or pester the authorities to extract sensitive information that could undermine progress the cases.

After media correspondents had inquired why no arrests were made of the individuals in the leaked videos, Riyaz claimed that arrests are made in accordance to the law and that if the authorities receive probable cause for arrests, it will be made.

In one such leaked video, one local individual believed to be the brother of Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, local lawyer Nazim Sattar is shown engaged in same sex activities with an expatriate.

Another is a leaked image which included what appears to be South-Henveiru MP Hussain Shaheem lying between a woman and man.

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