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Man accused of abusing six minors to be detained till trial ends

Lamya Abdulla
12 May 2022, MVT 16:06
Lamya Abdulla
12 May 2022, MVT 16:06

Criminal court orders man accused of sexually abusing six minors to be detained until his trial is over on Wednesday.

Police said the court had ordered the 55 year old man Maldivian man accused of abusing the minors until his trial was over.

The man is accused of abusing six minors from the same family. He was initially arrested in early April. However, as he had to cooperated with the investigation, he was conditionally released on Monday. He was arrested again Tuesday.

The accused man is a brother-in-law to the family, and had previously lived in the same house as the children.

Three of the minors he had abused had turned `18 since. Three children remain underage. Even though they had been abused up until 2017, it was in 2019 that the family had found out they were abused, and much later the extent of it.

The children’s family had criticized the court and expressed concern over the release of the accused man.

The family states they had submitted numerous evidence for this case as well. The children had provided statements to the police, accusing the man of sexually abusing them.

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