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Prescription sunglasses, easy on the eyes and the looks

22 September 2021, MVT 21:27
Prescription sunglasses available in Eye Care Maldives -- Photo: Eye Care Maldives
22 September 2021, MVT 21:27

A significant amount of people wear sunglasses in Maldives to protect their eyes from the harsh equatorial sun . Most of the time, these sunglasses are worn just for it's style. The prescription sunglasses by Eye Care Maldives will prove to be beneficial for the eyes in addition to being stylish fashion piece.

Prescription sunglasses are made as per a ophthalmologist's recommendation for each individual based on their needs. People already using prescription glasses can also use these types of sunglasses.

Sunglasses have recently become a fashion statement and this is visible when they are worn while playing sports and other recreational activities. In addition to protecting your eyes from glaring lights they can also provide respite in the hottest hour as well.

People can put these lenses above their prescription glasses as well. These lenses can be customized for all kinds of frames and are put on separately.

The same materials and coatings used on the regularly used prescription glasses can be used here as well. These includes making sure they are polarised and getting them coated to prevent scratches as well.

These sunglasses will be beneficial to people that regularly use contacts as well. Instead of wearing prescription contacts and normal sunglasses, one has the option to forgo contacts and wear prescription sunglasses now.

Eye Care Maldives is providing prescription sunglasses in two brands; Nova and Maui Jim. Once the prescription and frame is selected the company will ensure they are made to the best quality.

A 10 percent discount will be provided to first time users while a 50 percent discount will be provided for second time customers of Nova brand.

Eye Care Maldives is a trusted brand.

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