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Sinamale Bridge traffic will not congest Hulhumale: HDC

Lujine Rasheed
19 August 2018, MVT 16:34
Sinamale' bridge / China-maldives friendship bridge / Male' Hulhule bridge CCCC
Lujine Rasheed
19 August 2018, MVT 16:34

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has assured that vehicles traveling to Hulhumale, via the Sinamale Bridge being developed between capital Male and airport island Hulhule, will not congest the city in any manner.

Construction of the bridge is now nearing completion with only tarring and light fixtures remaining. The travelling boasts four lanes accommodating ample amount of vehicles at one time. These four lanes include two leading to Hulhule and two to Male. Additionally, two bike lanes will be provided on each side. Automatic toll systems are also to be fixed in order to swiftly carry out the process of toll collection.

In addition to the completion of the Sinamale Bridge, the construction of the main roads connecting Male to the bridge are also almost completed. With all expected construction nearing consummation, the opening of these routes is scheduled for late August or early September 2018.

While speaking at a kickoff meeting about future Hulhumale projects held at Fehiveni Community Centre, HDC's Urban Designer Ahmed Shaahid guaranteed that all vehicles travelling from Male will have access to Hulhumale with the opening of the Sinamale Bridge.

Shaahid further highlighted that the main reason for the vast development of Hulhumale is as a relief to the congestion faced in Male. According to him, the roads of Hulhumale are built accordingly and with enough planning to avoid congestion of any kind.

"Meaning that however many vehicles are on a road at one time, there need not be traffic jams. Despite how many vehicles travel (to Hulhumale) there will not be congestion", said Shaahid.

According to HDC, the reason for dense traffic in Male is owed to vehicles queuing up behind any vehicle that halts in the relatively narrow roads. However, the roads of Hulhumale are professionally designed to allow enough vehicles to pass through regardless of other vehicles brought to a halt to any roadside, the corporation stated.

Nevertheless, HDC shed light on the probable issue of a lack of parking spaces that may surface in Hulhumale. Revealing plans for a vertical parking system, HDC assured completion of this project in the near future as well.

Shaahid further mentioned a strategic master plan for Hulhumale that was brought to fruition in alliance with a Consultation and Urban Development team from Singapore. Continuing his speech, he also mentioned the pending differences that the public transport will experience, and asserted the growth of public transport in Male.

"With this, every individual will not have to subscribe to riding a motorbike or driving a car; public transport will be much safer compared to other cities", said Shaahid pointing out the high-end development of Hulhumale.

Pending projects to be unveiled in Hulhumale include a Yacht Marina, a Cruise Terminal, a Water Theme Park, as well as a Technology Park. HDC has revealed the immense benefits the different factions of the city will experience, and that these projects will open up an estimated 90,000 job opportunities to the people living in Male and Hulhumale.

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