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Maldives Hajj pilgrims to depart on June 12

Mohamed Rehan
23 May 2023, MVT 16:45
Pilgrims getting ready to embark on their Hajj pilgrimage journey--
Mohamed Rehan
23 May 2023, MVT 16:45

Maldivian Hajj pilgrims will start their journey from June 12 onwards, according to various Hajj groups. This marks the beginning of their pilgrimage to Mecca, a significant religious event for Muslims.

The Saudi Arabian government has extended 1,000 Hajj quotas to the Maldives this year. Out of these, 870 have been allocated to the state-run Maldives Hajj Corporation and three private Hajj groups.

The Maldives Ministry of Islamic Affairs permitted private Hajj groups Al-Haramain, Sisilfaru, and Al-Manasik with the primary condition of providing affordable Hajj trips for pilgrims.

While Hajj Corporation received 270 quotas, the private groups received 90 quotas each with all of the groups receiving quotas inclusive of volunteer helpers.

The first batch of pilgrims from the Maldives, including those from the Maldives Hajj Corporation, is scheduled to depart for Mecca on June 12. The pilgrims traveling through the Hajj Corporation will be departing in three separate groups between June 12 and 19.

Departure dates of pilgrims:

- Hajj Corporation: June 12-19

- Sisilfaru: June 13

- Al-Manasik: June 15

- Al-Haramain: June 16

Sisilfaru, one of the three private groups confirmed that a total of 80 pilgrims, accompanied by 10 volunteer helpers, will depart for Saudi Arabia.

A group of 80 pilgrims from Al-Manasik will depart for the Hajj pilgrimage on June 15, while another group of 76 pilgrims from Al-Haramain will leave on June 16.

All Hajj groups have confirmed that their advance teams have been scheduled to depart for Saudi Arabia, while some groups said that their advance teams will leave during early June.

Vice President Faisal Naseem met with representatives from the Hajj Corporation and private Hajj groups to discuss seamless transportation arrangements for pilgrims. During the meeting, the Vice President suggested the establishment of a special committee consisting of members from relevant agencies to oversee the process.

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