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IFJ condemns police threats to journalists, calls for investigation

Lamya Abdulla
25 May 2022, MVT 11:56
(FILE) Opposition leaders as well as supporters sitting outside the Fisherman's Park while Police in riot gear stand in front of them, on March 25, 2022: MMC had previously condemned a police officer identified as "Solih" that had made threats against journalists during a protest held by opposition in March -- Photo: Fayaz Moosa / Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
25 May 2022, MVT 11:56

The world's largest union of journalists, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), has called for an investigation into threats made by a police officer against journalists who attempted to break up the "India Out" protest held by the opposition in Male' City on March 18.

Opposition coalition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and People's National Congress (PNC) has been holding a series of protests and rallies calling for the Indian military presence in Maldives to be deployed.

In a statement made on Monday, the organisation said IFJ and their representative organization in the Maldives, the Maldives Journalists Association (MJA), condemned the case. They and said the government should investigate the matter and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Maldives Media Council (MMC) has condemned and requested the police to investigate the case previously as well. after media reports that a police officer named "Solih" had threatened journalists who were covering the protest held by the opposition PPM-PNC coalition that night.

Police has not made a comment regarding this case so far.

According to media reports, the policeman, identified as "Solih", had made threats against them. Some journalists had shared the incident on Twitter, and reported the case to the police.

Maldives' National Council had decreed that the "India Out" protests held by the opposition is a threat to national security on April 21.

In a resolution issued in this regard, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said that it is clear that the event to incite hatred towards India has become a threat to national security. He said that it undermines peace and domestic stability in different parts of the country and also undermines regional security.

Police have been removing banners with "India Out" slogans hung on local residences. They are also investigating four individuals who are drawing and writing documents regarding the campaign in Male' city. Even though the heads of the house were summoned for questioning, no one has been arrested in connection with the cases yet.