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What makes Fuvahmulah different from the rest of the islands in Maldives?

Ribakova Elena
28 October 2021, MVT 17:47
The Beauty of Fuvahmulah Image: @never.ending.journey_ Mumin - Maldives | traveller
Ribakova Elena
28 October 2021, MVT 17:47

Maldives is a by-word for one of the world’s most luxurious holiday destinations, a paradise of turquoise lagoons, paper-white beaches, swaying coconut palm fronds and high-end resorts that are beyond the reach of most.

Islands of Maldives are a series of coral atolls built up from the crowns of a submerged ancient volcanic mountain range. All the archipelagos are low-lying, none rising to more than 6 feet (1.8 metres) above sea level.

Fuvahmulah Island is one of the topmost tourist destinations in Maldives. Known for its beaches and diving sites and is the place that everyone should visit in a lifetime. The atoll is made up of just one island. From the mesmerizing snorkeling, diving sites to the resorts, this place is one of those in Maldives that travelers will remember forever.

Island is located closest to the equator which runs across the seas between Fuvahmulah and Huvadhoo Atolls. The environment in this place is the best in the country. Flora and fauna of the destination have been a major reason why tourists come to this place every year. And this is just to begin with, so per say.

The most popular and exciting experiences that visitors can have is to dive with tiger sharks, thresher sharks and oceanic manta rays at this remote Maldives’ atoll.

With over 20 known dive sites to explore and more being discovered every year, Fuvahmulah’s relatively unknown diving, unique location and isolation make it one of the Maldives’ top destinations if one is feeling a little adventurous. Big sharks have played an important role in the local marine environment for decades, feeding on the entrails and other fishy remains discarded by fishermen.

Depending on the season, travellers also have a great chance of encountering hammerhead sharks, silvertip sharks, whale sharks, oceanic manta rays, big schools of barracuda, yellowfin tuna, bonitos, Mola mola, sailfish and whales.

“Island of Areca Nut Palms.” Name, History and its Culture

Like across the globe, the Maldives have a rich history. Fuvahmulah has an interesting history of the whole country. People on this island generally speak Dhivehi Language, also known as Mulaku Bas.

The name Fuvahmulah is derived from the Areca Nut Palms locally known as Fua in Mulaku Bas and means “Island of Areca Nut Palms.” During the formation of the country, it was originally called Mullah but due to another place named Boli Mulah, the name was kept Fuvahmulah.

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