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Business VISA misused frequently: Immigration Controller

Lamya Abdulla
26 May 2021, MVT 22:41
Controller of immigration Mohamed Ahmed Hussain -- Photo: Immigration
Lamya Abdulla
26 May 2021, MVT 22:41

Immigration Controller Mohamed Ahmed Hussain (Hanafee) said on Tuesday that foreigners have been attempting to enter Maldives by applying for business VISA instead of work VISA.

Speaking to the Economy Committee of the Parliament, Hanafee had said even though a lot of people apply for business VISAs they approve it after thoroughly vetting it.

He said such a thorough method was being used due a lot of the applicants misusing the VISA.

According to the regulations, foreigners will have to apply to the business VISA while they are abroad. However, a lot of people apply for it after they have arrived in Maldives and are at the Immigration Counter.

Hanafee said they try to find the best solution in those situations.

"We have to reject business VISA extensions most of the time. If we give business VISA for three months, and they apply for an extension of three months, and if they ask for another extension, if we notice a pattern like that we have to reject," he said.

A lot of foreigners apply for business VISA over work VISAs, Hanafee said, because it is easier to get that approved.

Business VISA's are given to foreigners that do not apply to work in Maldives. The duration of a business VISA is 90 days.