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Eagles' Non-Payment of Salaries Escalated to FIFA

The Eagles' failure to pay salaries to their players has been escalated to FIFA.

17 April 2024, MVT 13:13
Club Eagles on the pitch.
17 April 2024, MVT 13:13

The Eagles' failure to pay salaries to their players has been escalated to FIFA.

Both foreign and domestic players who participated in the team's last season have yet to receive full payment.

The issue of salary arrears was reported to FIFA by four foreign players affiliated with the team.

Estonian midfielder Dannick Petrunin, who played for the team last season, disclosed that he has not received his salary for six months.

"With legal assistance, I have lodged my case with FIFA. As far as we know, the other three players have also filed complaints with FIFA," he stated.

Petrunin recounted the Eagles' management assuring him of salary payments, which have yet to materialize. He revealed being blocked from the club's social media channels, hindering communication.

However, an Eagles Official responded to these claims, stating that the failure to pay salary is only for a period of two months.

"He did not play for the club for six months. The agreement with him was made for five months. So how can there be an issue of six months?" the official said.

The official went on to say that the club has also failed to pay salaries to local footballers within these months.

"Everyone is aware of the situation the clubs are finding themselves in. So they will be aware why the salaries could not be paid," the official said.

Eagles, however, was one among four clubs that received the pledged MVR 1 million in full from the previous government.

Despite receiving that MVR 1 million, Eagles stands accused of withholding information regarding fund allocation, despite requests from Sports Commissioner Mohamed Tholal.

When Tholal sought details, Eagles, along with some other clubs, expressed dissatisfaction and withheld information.

During a joint press conference held by four clubs at Manhattan Hotel in February, Eagles' General Secretary Saeed Ali criticized Tholal's request for financial reports, citing insufficient time for preparation.

Among first-division clubs, only Maziya provided the requested information to Tholal within the deadline he set.

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