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President alleges that parliament hinders government efforts without reason

President Dr Muizzu alleges that the current parliament obstructs this government's work baselessly. He says it is the public that will decide the outcome of the upcoming parliamentary elections, but appeals to bear this and the government's efforts in mind.

Mariyath Mohamed
24 February 2024, MVT 08:43
President attends parliament earlier this month to deliver his first Presidential Address and is received by Parliament Speaker.
Mariyath Mohamed
24 February 2024, MVT 08:43

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has claimed that the current parliament is baselessly obstructing the government's efforts to conduct its duties. He said that it is the public's prerogative to decide the outcome of the upcoming parliamentary elections, but appealed to bear in mind that the government is working to plan for the future and achieve its targets.

The President made these comments at the 'Ahaa Forum' held in Sultan Park on Friday night. Ahaa Forum is a public forum where the President addresses citizens' concerns and responds directly to questions posed to him by those in the audience. Last night was the first such forum led by the President. 'Ahaa' is a Dhivehi word that can be translated as both ask and listen in English.

President Dr Muizzu speaks at Friday night's Ahaa Forum.-- Photo: Fayaz Moosa / Mihaaru

In response to a query last night, President Dr Muizzu said that out of the 161 pledges he promised to fulfill in his first 14 weeks in office, 100 percent of 150 pledges has been fulfilled to date. The remaining pledges are over 80 percent complete, and efforts are ongoing to complete their fulfillment, he added.

"We continue to perform, we are showing results with the support of the public. Even while we continue to work like this, the parliament proceeds to baselessly obstruct our work through actions like refusing to grant approval to the cabinet ministers, or trying to impeach the President, or other such actions which harass the government, actions with no basis," the President said.

"We can only say there is a basis if there truly is a basis. There isn't," the President asserted.

Attendees at the Ahaa Forum on Friday night.-- Photo: Fayaz Moosa / Mihaaru

The President claimed that the matter of removing Indian military presence from Maldives has been handled with diplomacy since day one of his administration. He said that these deliberations have now reached the point where the countries have reached a consensus on the matter, with dates for removal having been finalized and a letter of exchange formally signed.

"We are bringing results in this way. This is why there is no basis in working against us. Yet, even though there isn't, the parliament continues to work to obstruct us," he alleged.

He concluded with saying that in the end, it is the public's will to decide the results of the upcoming parliamentary elections. He maintains that it will be difficult for the government to successfully fulfill its pledges if an opposition majority parliament is elected again.

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