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An opposition win will result in bankruptcy for the country: President Solih

23 September 2023, MVT 23:18
The President speaking at the campaign event held in Maafannu -- Photo: Fayaz Moosa
23 September 2023, MVT 23:18

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has said that he sees the country going bankrupt if oppositions wins the election and comes into power.

He made this statement at a campaign event held in Maafannu on Monday night. President Solih said that he was working to revive the economy with the understanding that "there are two sides to a coin". He said that people "who only see one side" cannot rebuild or sustain the economy.

The president said that the current Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) government receives foreign aid and loans because of its foreign policy.

Highlighting that the foreign policy of the opposition was experienced by the people from 2013 to 2018, president Solih said that there are several international parties ready to provide assistance at the request of the current government.

"[Aid is given] to us because they are certain we can pay it back. If we lose the election for any reason, I see this country going bankrupt." said president Solih.

President Solih said he will not allow the country to go bankrupt and that he will win in the second round of the election.

The president previously criticised the opposition for claiming that the country is already bankrupt. He said that the pledges announced by the opposition was not economically feasible in a bankrupt country. He made this statement while speaking in a campaign event held on last Saturday night, in the MDP Sosun hub located in Henveiru ward.

Supporters welcoming president Solih as he arrives at Sosun Jagaha

President Solih said that the promises made by the opposition were not well-thought-out and that their intent with these pledges is to secure victory in the election by misleading the people and spreading fear and injustice.

"On one hand they are saying we are bankrupt. On the other hand they are talking about doubling the salaries of institutions. They are talking about waiving rents. Is that something doable?" questioned president Solih.

President Solih compared the upcoming election with a football match. He said that despite facing setbacks during the first half, he is determined to secure a significant victory in the second half.

Noting that the end of the first half is not the end of the match, the president said that sometimes the first half is lost. He said, "God willing, we will come out and score two additional goals, and we will win the match with five goals," President Solih continued with this analogy saying that plans have been made during half-time and arrangements have been made to make changes to players and ensure that those with energy are on the front line. "We are in attack mode. We will score next. Goal after goal." said president Solih.