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The Democrats begin using MDP’s main campaign hub

Mohamed Rehan
01 June 2023, MVT 10:24
Former STO Managing Director Husen Amr, who is now the new lessee of the property where MDP's main campaign hub operated-- Photo: Fayaz Moosa | Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
01 June 2023, MVT 10:24

The Democrats, the new political party in the making formed by supporters of Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, has begun using the main campaign hub previously used by the ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

The owner of the campaign hub had earlier demanded MDP to vacate the plot, to which the party contested by submitting a lawsuit to Maldives Civil Court.

The land where the hub is situated is owned by Shafiyya Zubair, a prominent activist of MDP and a Nasheed supporter.

After The Democrats began using the campaign hub, Shafiyya had spoken to the press stating that she ordered MDP to vacate the plot by May 15 via written letter. She also warned the party of repossessing the plot and any equipment or material left in the hub by the deadline.

“I have already handed the plot over to another lessee, and signed the contract as well,” she said. “Now, the property and the items inside it are under my possession.”

Shafiyya further added that the monthly rent of the plot is MVR 60,000, and MDP had paid for the month of May. However, she assured the rent paid for the days past the deadline to vacate will be reimbursed after deducting unpaid bills.

After ordering MDP to vacate the property, its owner signed the new agreement with former Managing Director of State Trading Organization (STO) Husen Amr, who is also aligned with Nasheed. Following the agreement signing, Shafiyya had handed over the plot’s key to Amr during a special ceremony.

Shafiyya said that the property has been handed over to a lessee who expressed interest of developing a 15-storey building on the plot, and added that though MDP was extended the same proposal, the party did not show interest.

Meanwhile, MDP had filed a lawsuit with Maldives Civil Court seeking an interim injunction on the proprietor’s order to vacate the property. However, the details of this currently remain unclear.

The ruling party’s Deputy Chairperson Ibrahim Waheed said that the party had already paid rent for May, and its proprietor was attempting to repossess the plot unlawfully.

“We have taken the property on rent when they entered to vacate the place unlawfully,” Waheed said.

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