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Over 4,000 housing and land applications for Male' region

Mohamed Rehan
07 July 2022, MVT 08:23
High-rise housing towers in Hulhumale' Phase II--
Mohamed Rehan
07 July 2022, MVT 08:23

The Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure (MNPHI) revealed of receiving a total of 4,061 applications for flats and land from Greater Male' region.

The flats and land scheme include 1,000 plots from Hulhumale' and 2,000 plots from the reclaimed area of Gulhifalhu with the inclusion of 4,000 housing flats developed in Hulhumale'.

The ministry announced opening of the application window on Sunday, previous week.

The ministry facilitated an online portal; "Gedhoruveriya" for ease of access and application submission.

While applications for the scheme have already exceeded 4,000, the application window will remain effective until September 26.

Among the eligible criteria for land plots, applicants must have been solely registered as residents of Male' City.

The housing flats will be issued to Male' residents and non-Male' registered residents living in the city for 15 years and more.

Under the scheme, the lowest plot issued is 1225 square-feet which can be expanded through joint-applications.

Through joint-applications, each member of the family stand to receive 400 square-feet each, with the possibility of acquiring a maximum of 4,000 square-feet.

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