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Man fined Rf. 21,000 for domestic violence

Lamya Abdulla
06 May 2021, MVT 15:08
Criminal Court in Male' City: Man fined for domestic violence has to pay a fine of 21,600 to MIRA by the end of the month -- Photo: Mihaaru File
Lamya Abdulla
06 May 2021, MVT 15:08

The Criminal Court fined a man with MVR 21,000, who was accused of physically abusing his wife numerous times nine years ago.

The man from Raa Atoll was convicted of abusing his then wife multiple times, from when they were married through 2011-2012. The state convicted him of physical violence.

The verdict made on April 29 by Criminal Court stated that while they were married, the man had hit the victim, pushed her around in addition to kicking her with his feet. It also stated he stepped on her stomach and hit her across the face which lead to cause a tear near her eye. There were witness accounts that also state they saw the abuse happening.

The verdict stated that the most a person that can be punished for acts of violence like this, as per the laws of when the crime occurred, was six months. The laws in affect now states such perpetuators can be jailed for a period of three months to 18 months. The court took into consideration that he was a first time violator, and as he was currently employed before they reached a decision to change the sentence from jail time to a fine.

On the verdict made by Judge Hassan Saeedh, the man has to pay a fine of 21,600 Rufiyaa to Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) within a month.