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Governing system not President's priority right now: Spokesperson

Lamya Abdulla
03 May 2021, MVT 13:31
Spokesperson to the President, Mabrook Abdul Azeez: at a press conference held in the President's Office, he stated the President had so far not held any legal discussions regarding the change of the system -- Photo: President's Office.
Lamya Abdulla
03 May 2021, MVT 13:31

The Spokesperson to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, Mabrook Abdul Azeez said on Sunday night, that changing the government system of the country was not one of the President's priorities at the moment.

At a press conferences held in the President's Office, Mabrook said that the President's number one priority right now was to fulfill the promises and oaths he made to the people.

He was also prioritizing to solve the economic crisis the country fell into while dealing with the pandemic, Mabrook said.

Since Parliament Speaker and former President Mohamed Nasheed said to President Solih that he would like to change the governing system to a parliamentary one via text, the discussion and debate on government systems have reignited within Maldives. Nasheed further stated that he would like to ascend to the position of Prime Minister after the government systems change.

The President said that the country would need to go to a public vote in order to change the governmental system. Legal Counsel to the President, Ahmed Abdulla, said no legal discussions had been taken in regards of this matter so far.

Further addressing this, Mabrook said that since this can only be decided with the people's consent via vote, when necessary for the political environment of the country, the President will have the discussion.

He also noted that it does not remain on the President's list of priorities at the moment.

With the debate on governmental system ongoing, MDP started to campaign for Parliamentary System, especially for the internal elections within the party. The logos MDP used previously while campaigning for this are being used again in the islands as well.

Maldives currently works on a Presidential System, voted for by 62 percent of the total votes in a general election held on August 18, 2007.

After President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih took office on November 17, 2018, Nasheed has restarted this discussion. Along with MDP, his support is on the Parliamentary System.

Mabrook also spoke about the administration's efforts to countering the unjust decisions made by the previous administration.

The recent infrastructural projects taken by the administration was also discussed during the press conference. Since November 2018, over 1,16 infrastructural projects have been launched in 199 islands so far.