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Opposition candidate Ibu pledges to revivify "neglected youth"

Lujine Rasheed
16 August 2018, MVT 15:40
Opposition coalition's presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih at the inauguration of the Youth Campaign Office. PHOTO/MDP
Lujine Rasheed
16 August 2018, MVT 15:40

Opposition coalition's presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) declared that the youth of Maldives has been neglected and that he will find solutions to bring this problem to an end should he win the upcoming elections.

According to Ibu, 40 percent of the Maldives concerns the youth, and an estimated 23 percent of youth are unemployed. Ibu highlighted this while speaking at the Youth Campaign Office in capital Male, that was inaugurated on Wednesday.

A number of people attended the inaugural ceremony of the Youth Campaign Office and accommodatingly interacted with the opposition coalition's presidential candidate Ibu, and his running mate Faisal Naseem.

Speaking directly to the young adults present at the ceremony, Ibu proclaimed that the current government dismisses the youth by incarcerating them and further suspending lawyers who will be able to acquit them.

Additionally Ibu shed light on the misuse of Get-Set loans issued to the youth and assured that he will bring a stop to this misconduct in an opposition coalition-run government.

"The current government pledged to bring a number of positive changes to the youth of Maldives: pledges of creating 95,000 job opportunities and ensuring employment to those in need of a job. However, these pledges have not been fulfilled", said Ibu.

Furthermore, he revealed the plans of the opposition coalition for the youth of Maldives, including scholarships to universities from around the world, a picnic island especially for the entertainment of youth, and to cater specifically to this demographic in need.

"We stand together with the youth to fulfil their needs. The coalition is for the youth! And of the youth!" declared Ibu.

Opposition coalition's running mate Faisal Naseem stated that both Ibu and himself were the only people fighting at the parliament to win the rights of voting for the youth, adding that the youth of Maldives are capable of keeping up with the fast developing nature of the country.