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Green Sea Turtle found slain in protected area

Anaan Bushry
06 December 2022, MVT 11:23
Anaan Bushry
06 December 2022, MVT 11:23

On Madivaru sandbank, not far from Alif Alif atoll Rasdhoo, a green sea turtle, was brutally slaughtered.

Green sea turtles are endangered and it is a protected specie in the Maldives. Despite the fact that hunting and catching sea turtles was outlawed across the Maldives, it is still common for locals to catch them for their eggs, meat, or shells.

Hamna Hussain, a Padi Open Water Scuba instructor, posted on social media what she witnessed when she visited the popular sandbank.

In the video she posted, Hamna can be seen sweeping sand off a turtle that was slain and dismembered for its meat. She described her entrance onto the sandbank with a group of her students as "heart-breaking".

A screenshot of the video captured by Hamna on Madivaru sandbank near AA. Rasdhoo PHOTO: HAMNA HUSSAIN

Hamna said when they arrived at the sandbank, a group of individuals were departing the island. The turtle's heart was still beating and it was crying when they came, indicating that the horrifying deed occurred just before their arrival.

Hamna is outspoken against the mistreatment of marine animals and is an ambassador for Girls That Scuba, the largest organisation for women who dive.

Although turtle eggs and meat were once commonly consumed by Maldivians, this practice is largely considered unacceptable. She highlighted that everyone must be cautious when dealing with aquatic life and approach them gently and kindly.

The Environmental Protection and Conservation Act ratified in April, 2016, classifies all turtles as protected protected species in the Maldives. So specie of turtle can be captured, taken into possession, or mistreated. Additionally, it is a crime that carries a large fine.

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