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Fire breaks out in Trivandrum hotel

Shahudha Mohamed
19 March 2019, MVT 10:00
Consulate of Maldives in India. The consulate provided aid to Madivians following the fire in BG Hotel. PHOTO: MIHAARU FILES
Shahudha Mohamed
19 March 2019, MVT 10:00

A fire broke out at BG Hotel in Trivandrum, India on Monday.

At the time of fire, 83 Maldivians were present in the building.

The hotel is known to be preferred by Maldivians who travel to India for medical purposes.

An official from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Maldivians residing at the hotel experienced some difficulties due to a power outage following the fire.

Additionally, the official noted that the Maldivian consulate in Trivandrum visited the hotel to assist the locals at their time of need.

Moreover, Foreign Ministry stated that they always rushed to the aid of any Maldivians who needed help, as soon as possible.

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