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Maldives achieves 90 percent of its tourist arrival goals

Lamya Abdulla
16 October 2021, MVT 20:51
(FILE) Tourist searching for their pick up among airport representatives with placards, in photo taken on December 21, 2020: over 923,000 tourists have arrived this year so far -- Photo: Nishan Ali/ Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
16 October 2021, MVT 20:51

Maldives have achieved ninety percent of the goal it set for tourist arrivals within 2021.

According to the Tourism Ministry, over 923,000 tourists have arrived in Maldives already this year. As per the government’s projections in the Yearly Budget, it was estimated that 1 million tourists would visit Maldives by the end of the year.

Less than 10,000 tourists is required to reach that goal now.

Even though the yearly budget states they estimated 1 million tourists would visit Maldives, the goal of Tourism Ministry was to ensure 1.3 million tourists would arrive in Maldives in 2021. The ministry is confident they can attain this goal.

India is the top market at the moment. Over 200,000 tourists visited Maldives from India by the time September ended. Russia follows closely with over 177,000 tourist arrival while Germany is in third, with 60,000 arrivals.

With the peak season ahead, it is believed Maldives will receive the highest number of tourists in November and December. Prior to the pandemic, Italy and the United Kingdom were two of the nations with the highest tourist arrivals to Maldives. Since travel from these countries have been allowed, the industry believes the number of arrivals may increase than the projections.

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