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Broadcom green lights rebroadcasting of 2018 World Cup

Nafaahath Ibrahim
13 June 2018, MVT 22:02
Maldives Broadcasting Commission Press Conference. PHOTO/NISHAN ALI /MIHAARU
Nafaahath Ibrahim
13 June 2018, MVT 22:02

Maldives Broadcast Commission has confirmed that there are no legal barriers for broadcasters, in addition to state media Public Service Media (PSM), from rebroadcasting the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The commission's President Mohamed Shaheeb stated during a press conference on Tuesday that channels can rebroadcast under nonexclusive agreements.

Main re-broadcasters PSM, MediaNet and Dhiraagu participated in this press meeting.

Shaheeb noted that the region's official broadcaster, Sony Sports network, is giving PSM a "clean feed", and a "dirty feed" to re-broadcasters.

He explained that a "clean feed" meant that the feed will not feature the channel's logo.

In addition, Shaheeb explained that local broadcasters can take up events but not exclusive rights. He added that re-broadcasting by other channels of the same event cannot be stopped either.

His comments came after PSM stated that any promotions under "FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA 2018" would infringe their exclusive rights to broadcast the event. The statement released by PSM also stated that it would take legal action against any party that engages in such promotions.

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