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Coca-Cola introduces 1.25 litre bottle of Zero Sugar product in Maldives

01 December 2021, MVT 14:26
The newly introduced 1.25 litre bottle of Zero Sugar Coca-Cola product in Maldives -- Photo: Coca-Cola
01 December 2021, MVT 14:26

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar introduces a 1.25 litre bottle to the Maldivian market.

Zero Sugar by Coca-Cola was first introduced in Maldives in 2015. Since then it has become a favourite within the nation.

The 1.25 litre bottle was introduced to Maldives on November 24. Previously only the 250 mililitre and 300 mililitre were available here.

Coca-Cola said the newly introduced size of Zero Sugar will be available from retail shops and supermarkets in Male' and other islands of Maldives.

The zero calorie and sugar product by Coca-Cola has been widely accepted by the public according to the Country Managing Director for Sri Lanka and Maldives, Pankaj Sinha.

Managing Director of Male' Aerated Water Company (MAWC), Sunjay Manik said that with the new 1.25 litre bottles more Coca-Cola products will be available in Maldives.

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