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Police and locals assist students stuck in rain

Mohamed Rehan
25 January 2023, MVT 09:49
Male' City on a rainy day--
Mohamed Rehan
25 January 2023, MVT 09:49

The Maldives Police and several members of the public came to the assistance of school students who were stuck in the rain on Tuesday.

Malé City experienced heavy and continuous rain since Tuesday morning, which led to all of the city’s streets getting flooded, making it difficult to travel.

The weather worsened around noon when most schools started the afternoon session and finished the morning session. Stormy weather usually boosts taxi demand; however, since it was rush hour and there was heavy traffic on Malé roads, many of students had trouble finding taxis.

The Maldives Police Service stepped in and assisted by dispatching police vehicles to drive the students to school or back to their homes. They had transported several stranded students between Malé and Hulhumalé as well.

The local police were not alone in the endearing effort; the RTL buses and many local samaritans offered rides in their private vehicles as well.

While the city experienced one of the heaviest rainfalls recorded in recent months, locals and authorities showed exemplary conduct in extending help to one another.

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