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Nasheed will most likely return to Maldives next month: Family

Lamya Abdulla
02 August 2021, MVT 14:38
(FILE) Photo uploaded to Twitter after Nasheed had gone to Germany for medical treatment: his family has said he requires an additional three weeks of medical treatment abroad
Lamya Abdulla
02 August 2021, MVT 14:38

Former President and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed would most likely return to Maldives next month, his family has said on Monday.

Nasheed went to Germany on May 13 to receive medical care for injuries sustained on the assassination attempt. He had undergone several surgeries in ADK Hospital before he had departed for Germany. Later, on the first of July, he went United Kingdom where he has been getting medical care since.

Previously, Nasheed has said he expected to arrive in Maldives before July ended. During the last session of the first term of parliament for this year, Vice Speaker of Parliament Eva Abdulla has said Nasheed would be joining the parliament when the second term starts. The first session of the second term will be held on August 16.

However, Nasheed's uncle, Dr. Ibrahim Naashid informed Mihaaru news that he won't be able to return to Maldives before the second term starts.

Even though his health has improved, it is expected that three more weeks of care is required for injuries he had received on one of his legs.

"I believe Nasheed would be able to return to Maldives in September," he said.

Nasheed has called to ensure he would not become victim to another terrorist attack when he returns. He has further stated that he was not satisfied with the current action that the state is taking against religious extremism.

He has called to declare a state of emergency in Maldives so that more people connected to the attack can be arrested. He had submitted a resolution to the internal National Congress of Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) to declare a state of emergency, which Congress had passed. However, only the President of Maldives has the power to declare an emergency, and President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has not yet said anything on this matter yet.